Layers of Meaning

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An engaging and experiential way to learn the language of the Bible.

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Beginning Biblical Hebrew 1

Begins January 2ndvia Zoom!

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How to Read Hebrew

Take this short mini-course on its own, or to prepare for the upcoming class, Biblical Hebrew 1.


We believe that language and its culture are inseparable.

Rather than simply teaching from a textbook, we don't just teach the language,

but we teach the world in which that language exists. 

We do things differently when it comes to engaging with Biblical Hebrew.

Our classes are created with the conviction that language must be USED to be fully learned.  

The pronunciation, the accent, and above all, understanding, are a must if you truly want to get this language “IN YOU”.

At Origins Hebrew Studies:

What Students are Saying


B. P.

Such a fulfilling experience to learn the language of the Old Testament.


I have studied for years, but have never been able to learn Hebrew. This will enhance my studies.


 F. T.

By combining   songs, storytelling, flashcards, dialogue, etc., class is never dull.


Jordan's energy and genuine enthusiasm for teaching Hebrew is the special ingredient that makes the class great.


S. T.

What comes to mind about this class is that it's informative, fun, and always interesting.


Jordan does a good job at helping us to understand Hebrew. She is very patient. looking forward to more classes.


S. K.

These classes are exciting, and thought provoking.


The class is excellent. The instructor's preparation and presentation is outstanding.      The demands of the upper classes are high, but so is the payoff.


Hebrew is a doorway to the world of the Bible.

As such, we believe there is value in teaching the culture and the context of the language throughout the ages.  

We also believe that  Hebrew must be understood before it is used, and it must be used aloud for it to become useful and retained.




The Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City

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