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Layers of Meaning

in Living Color

An engaging and experiential way to learn the language of the Bible.

Upcoming Classes

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Beginning Biblical Hebrew 1

How to Read Hebrew

How to Write Cursive

Take classes in person this January in Kansas City!

Take this short mini-course on its own, or to prepare for the upcoming Biblical Hebrew 1.

The no-sweat way to learn Hebrew script handwriting.


We believe that language and its culture are inseparable.

Rather than simply teaching from a textbook, we don't just teach the language,

but we teach the world in which that language exists. 

We do things differently when it comes to engaging with Biblical Hebrew.

Our classes are created with the conviction that language must be USED to be fully learned.  

The pronunciation, the accent, and above all, understanding, are a must if you truly want to get this language “IN YOU”.

At Origins Hebrew Studies: