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How to Read Hebrew


This mini-course is a MUST if you want to take Hebrew!

From the comfort of your home, these videos will enable the brain to easily "absorb" the sounds of the Hebrew letters and vowels, and empower you to confidently pronounce any Hebrew word.

Forget about staring at confusing books or charts! This interactive,  right-brained program will have you pronouncing Hebrew in no time.

Whether you're new to Hebrew, or just need to get your reading skills up to speed, this online mini-course will aid with the fluid "decoding" needed to navigate the next classes.

(This course is a pre-requisite for "Beginning Biblical Hebrew 1", which starts Weds, Jan. 25th at JCCC.)

Winter 2022-23

TWO Options for taking "How to Read Hebrew":

a b c only- online hybrid.png

Take your first step! And then the next!

Learning how to read is just the start!

If you fall in love with this language (as so many have!)

then take "Beginning Biblical Hebrew" (1-4), 

and continue on to "Intermediate" and "Advanced."

It's as easy as  "A B C"  ( ... or   א ב ג  !)

Click here for all the Hebrew courses available.

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