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About Origins Hebrew Studies

Hebrew that is Usable and Understandable

Biblical Hebrew is a unique language- a window into the world of ancient times. 


However - just because Biblical Hebrew is an ancient language, does NOT mean we have to learn it as though it's a dead language! 

In our classes, we learn Biblical Hebrew as a living language, starting just like you learned your first language, singing songs, seeing pictures, and doing hand motions.  


However, we also dive deep into the technical aspects needed to fully understand the beauty and nuance within Biblical texts.   (We just do that technical part naturally, and gradually - once you're comfortable with the language itself!)

Traditionally,  Biblical Hebrew has been taught as a dead language, but this is rarely effective for the majority of learners.   

For this reason, I teach all my classes, whether Israeli Hebrew or Biblical Hebrew, via the Comprehension Method and the Conversational Method.

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