Biblical Hebrew Courses

A path paved for your journey

The journey of a lifetime through the Hebrew Bible begins with Biblical Hebrew.

From how to read, to Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Hebrew, this path is laid out carefully,

and is designed to empower you to absorb and internalize this language with ease. 


Each class is replete with audio resources, picture flashcards, songs, and a treasure trove of historical and linguistic knowledge that will enrich your engagement with the Bible and the world of Judaism.

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How to Read Hebrew

Before you begin Biblical Hebrew, the first step is learning to read smoothly. 

From the comfort of your home, you can easily and naturally learn the building blocks of the Hebrew language with this online course.


Whether you're new to Hebrew, or just need to get your reading skills up to speed, this class will aid with the fluid "decoding" needed to navigate the next classes.


These videos will impart several unique features of Biblical (*versus Israeli/Modern) Hebrew pronunciation.

Beginning Biblical Hebrew 1

As the entry point into our Biblical Hebrew course, all students must take Beginning Biblical Hebrew 1 to begin their journey.  No matter your background with Hebrew, this first class of the Beginning course is designed to impart unique features of Biblical Hebrew in an intuitive and dynamic way.

Songs, picture flashcards, and a colorful comic-filled textbook will aid students in internalizing the most important elements of the language.

(Students must be able to read Hebrew words before taking this class.)


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Beginning Biblical Hebrew 2

In this class, after adding many important words to our working vocabulary, we enter into the world of verbs using the story of the Garden of Eden.


By the end of this module, you'll not only be able to read, hear, and understand, but also speak in full sentences to describe the happenings in the Biblical texts!

(Taking Beginning Biblical Hebrew 1 is required for enrollment in this class.)


Winter 2022 | Thursdays | 9 weeks | - The Jewish Community Center of KC


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Beginning Biblical Hebrew 3

In this class, we dive deeper into simple verbs and become comfortable with their function for multiple persons as we navigate the texts detailing the stories of the Garden of Eden and of Abraham and Isaac, as well as several traditional Biblical prayers.

By the end of this module, via our comprehension/ conversational approach to learning, you'll attain a functional understanding of perfect verbs and vocabulary (enough to compose your own prayer of thanksgiving and confession!).

(Beginning Biblical Hebrew 1-2 are a prerequisite for this class.)


Summer 2022  - The Jewish Community Center of KC

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Beginning Biblical Hebrew 4

In this class, you will begin reaping the fruit of comprehension and internalization of the language, as more and more Hebrew sentences "feel" within your linguistic grasp. 


True fluency in past tense forms will develop as we engage both sides of the brain via storywriting, acting out skits, and translation of longer texts. The Joseph narrative and more biblical songs will be the primary vehicle for much of our learning.

(Beginning Biblical Hebrew 3 is a prerequisite for this class.)


Oct. 26-Dec. 21, 2021 | Tuesdays | 6pm |  The JKC

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Intermediate Biblical Hebrew  1-8

Intermediate Hebrew is comprised of 8 modules.

each 8-10 weeks in length.

Intermediate 1-4 classes explore more developed applications of the grammar features seen in Beginning Biblical Hebrew.   Vocabulary will triple in size, and a comprehensive examination of the root sub-groups (גִּזְרוֹת) will be covered.

Intermediate 5-8 classes utilize Book ב of the Hinneh textbook set, and examine features only touched on in Intermediate 1-4.  All the verb stems (בִּנְיָנִים)  will be explored in depth. Activities will include translating and parsing entire chapters of the Bible with analysis of the linguistic and cultural influences at play in the textual composition.

Classes must be taken sequentially upon completing

Beginning Biblical Hebrew 1-4.

Intermediate 1  Offered:

Jan. 2022  | 9 weeks | Tuesdays | The JKC

Intermediate 2  Offered:

April 2022 | 9 weeks| Tuesdays | The JKC

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Advanced Biblical Hebrew 1-4

Advanced Biblical Hebrew is comprised of 4 modules, each 8-10 weeks in length.

It is in the Advanced classes that the pieces of the language come together to reveal the bigger picture. 


Like an archaeologist carefully excavating and understanding each layer in its own context, as well as the interplay between the layers, the Hebrew student begins to fully grasp the strata and significance within the Hebrew texts. 

These 4 classes will utilize the second Cook & Holmstedt Biblical Hebrew textbook and resources to teach advanced textual and grammatical features using the Elijah narrative and the Jonah narrative. The instructor's own resources will be used to "zoom in" on specific features of texts in their historical, linguistic and religious context, and lectures by scholars of the Ancient Near East will be incorporated into the courses.

Classes must be taken sequentially upon completing

Intermediate Biblical Hebrew 1-8.