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How to Write Hebrew Cursive Script Mini-Course

How to Write Hebrew Cursive Script Mini-Course


For Hebrew learners who are already able to read and write in Block (or regular) Hebrew.


Hebrew handwriting doesn't have to be daunting!   Learn smarter, not harder with this simple but efficient video mini-course. 


This course was designed with your brain in mind.   These videos and worksheets enable an easy and thorough acquisition of each letter, so you don't have to waste time writing hundreds of letters before it really "sticks". 


With a Montessori-like structure,  and visual/conceptual strategies woven into the lessons, you'll be able to breeze by the obstacles that often trip up students learning Hebrew cursive.   With concepts drawing on Paleo Hebrew and from Biblical Hebrew 1 integrated into the videos, you'll find these lessons engaging and enlightening.


Each feature in the video is intentionally structured to help you easily absorb the shapes of the letters quickly and intuitively.  Your brain will automatically pair the sound of a letter with its shape, minimizing the strain and brain-wracking that often comes with trying to learn (yet another!) new alphabet.


Contains 4 video lessons and worksheets.

Video total content:   1 hour


NOTE: After purchase, a download of a picture with your Schoology course code should begin, and/or a screen with a "Thank you" page and course code.   Check your downloads folder or your browser's downloads.  An email with the download should also be sent to you.   If you do not receive these, please contact the instructor.   


Log on to Schoology and choose "My Courses > Join Course" and add the  course code.

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